Coding Camp 2016 Istanbul – Merve Ece Meral



Hi to everybody! Especially, I say “Bună ziua!” to all participant of Coding camp. I had a chance to think about last week and I decided to write blog post.

First of all,Thanks to  Coderdojo Türkiye and Coderdojo Romania. I haven’t  seen well adjusted mentors and kids  like that us. It was great atmosphere.


When I came from İzmir to İstanbul, I met Merve Yüksel and Büşra Yuka,  . They are  working  at Genç Hayat Foundation. When I see them, Suddenly I felt so close and   I spoke too much .Sorry girls 🙂 Merve is self-devotion person also büşra is so positive. They helped me about everything. I hope will be together soon.

According to camp programme, first day there was a opening ceremony. I met genous romanian kids and mentors. I said that to myself This camp might be enjoyable. And it was correct exactly.

There were 11 Romanian and 10 Turkish kids in this camp. I stayed a hotel with romanian participant. So Although work activity finished for a day, they continued to write a code in hotel. I think this situation should call as a Coding Culture between them.


Second day there was ideation session in code camp and we learn to how are we being a team when create a new game. Every team had to 3 different type skills. Story teller, developer, grafic designer. In that way we could creat a game corretly. #coderdojo

They prepared websites with web based programing languages.They created own games in Scratch and  Stencyl. After that every team learnt how can make presantation in presentation skills session.


Save the forest
Hack the hacker
No war
Wild animals no hunting
Less pollution


5 Team had awesome projects.

Turkish and romanian guys found the way how can we understand each other . Because technology is common language for them. Dojo is everywhere !!

Thanks alot for everything.

I want to thank Başakşehir Living Lab for hosting the event . Radu Ticiu, Patrick Bosteels, Neşen Yücel, Ozan Çetin, Gulbahar Coskun  led us in the best way. And Flory RosiuBegüm Pişkin, Yağmur Gür,Alexandra Fortis were amazing mentors in that camp. It is an honor to be acquainted with you.

Quotation from Alex facebook post:

Together we are Stronger, Together we are One.

I am a Ninja,
I am a Coder,
I am a life long friend of you,
In Romania, in Turkey
I doesn’t matter where are you in
I am a Ninja,
I am a Coder,
I am a life long friend of you,
From Romania, from Turkey,
We came here and became so happy
I am a Ninja,
I am a Coder,
I am a life long friend of you,
From Romania, from Turkey,
We are together a big family

Mentörümüz Merve Ece Meral’e teşekkürler.